Fintrade Investment and Development Company

As the human brain, an investment and development company must immediately react to any changes in the surroundings. Consequently, optimal business decisions can only be made by responding competently to modern trends in economy, legislation and demography.

System approaches to tackle solutions of tasks of any kind are our main priorities. For the development and realisation of individual construction objects, we propose a package of key solutions.

As of today, the scope of Fintrade’s development practice covers the countries such as Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Greece, Turkey and Russia. The list is constantly growing together with our ambitions.

It is no secret that efficiency of any project is to a large extent depending on the expertise and perfectly coordinated actions by employees.

Thanks to international experts in the fields of finance, legal, investment, marketing, architecture and construction, the Fintrade team provides package solutions offering a wide range of issues related to the development of large multifunctional property objects.

We primarily aim at a high profitability in property investment.

All this makes Fintrade a worldwide professional in the field of project organization related to investment and construction activities.


Creation, development, and perfection…
It was aspiration for the ideal that created the present-day world,
The world, built by the Man,
The World built for the Man.
It will be ideal.»

Our sustained partnership will make this world ideal.

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